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Advertising · Stockholm, Sweden
Do you want to achieve effect? Reach specific audiences with accurate distribution? Just calm, we also provide guarantees on reach, number of readers, number of video views, reading time.

Shortcut Creative Lab specializes in developing, producing and activating communication solutions. We run projects to influence, market and create awareness - always with the effect in focus.

At the Shortcut Creative Lab, we have several different distribution channels with clear and well-defined audiences. They include Facebook, Instagram, Custom and Generic Newsletters, Linkedin, Snapchat and our Site Shortcut.com. Our own network consists of approximately 600,000 people.

With a perspective that includes digital communication, online and off-line campaigns, print and events, we're constantly gaining new success for our customers and clients - whether it's about employer branding campaigns, communication concepts or driving sales.

Today, Shortcut Creative Lab is employed by more than 200 customers and our own network consists of approximately 600,000 people.

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